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1275 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Majors David & Michelle Pierce
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The Harbor Light Center, providing comprehensive chemical dependency treatment for men, women, and families, has been successfully serving the San Francisco bay area for over 70 years. Drug and alcohol addiction are a real part of our social structure and affects many people, their friends, and their families. There is hope. Through a program of progressive care, education, workforce development, and personal development, people's lives are transformed.

Veteran Services

Veteran's face unique personal issues as they re-enter civilian society from their time in service. Our service men and women who are dealing with addiction are often also struggling with service related stress such as PTSD. The Harbor Light Center provides specialized services to our returning veterans to help them gain access to their benefits, find work, gain housing, and develop the skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives.

Community of Services

The Harbor Light Center is a state licensed, multifaceted, comprehensive treatment facility comprised of the HARP Detox Center, Harbor Light-Primary Treatment Program, Harbor House Rentry-Secondary Program, Harbor House Child Care, and the Lighthouse Corps.

Our Mission Statement

The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center is a 12-Step, spiritually based social model program. Comprehensive treatment and professional care are provided in a safe, supportive environment. Individuals and families receive help with alcohol and drug issues that include related social, spiritual and cultural concerns.

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Harbor Light Center Statistics

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Harbor Light

1275 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Senior Staff
William Lebans, Senior Counselor
Kim Linden, Veteran's Counselor
DeJuan Redwood, In-Take
Volunteers: (415) 503-3054

Harbor Light Treatment Program
The Harbor Light program serves individual men and women who seek a lifetime solution to their addictions. To graduate from the Harbor Light, residents commit to a six month minimum stay during which they rebuild the foundations of their lives as sober people. Harbor Light's goal is to encourage residents to develop personal skills and enhance their self-esteem in a place of safety and support. Services include individual and group sessions, classes in life skills, self-help groups, vocational and educational assistance, family relations counseling and social activities. Most of the men and women on staff have been through the program themselves and know first-hand what it takes to change one's life for the better.

The Harbor Light
Residents entering The Harbor Light Center are provided with group and individual counseling in a confidential setting facilitated by trained counselors Groups and classes aimed at educating the individual in Relapse Prevention, Medical Aspects of Addiction, Family Roles, Relationships in Recovery, HIV/HepC, and Art Therapy. Other groups include Treatment Planning, Reflections, First Step, and weekly Process groups.

The Harbor Light Center is a six month to twelve month social model residential treatment program for men, women and veterans seeking solutions to their problems with drug and alcohol dependence. Services are provided without discrimination to all adults who seek to change their lives for the better.

Our Mission Statement
The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center is a 12-Step, spiritually based social model program. Comprehensive treatment and professional care are provided in a safe, supportive environment. Individuals and families receive help with alcohol and drug issues that include related social, spiritual and cultural concerns.

Detox and Assessment Center

42 Mclea Court
San Francisco, CA 94103
Mailing Address
1275 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Jonathan Blackman, Program Manager
(415) 503-3071

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to heal the whole person of the pain and suffering of alcohol and drug addiction from the confines of a safe, supportive and structured environment.

Service Statement
The Salvation Army HARP Detox is the first stop on the road to recovery. We are a social model detoxification program which offers a safe, supportive and structured environment for disadvantaged and homeless men, women and veterans. We offer a proven method of intervention and introduction to a life of recovery and sobriety. Our goal is to develop and institute treatment and referral plans for our program participants.

Conclusion Numbers

  • We service on average, 54 persons a month.
  • We provide an average of 386 referrals to other community services a month.
  • We place 4 or 5 participants into primary or secondary treatment programs.

Interview with Chuck, A Veteran in Recovery

The Salvation Army San Francisco Harbor Light Center is a beacon for those seeking a new life of sobriety. The center offers several unique programs to help men, women, Veterans, and single-parents tackle their addictions and discover a new way of life. This is just one example of how lives are being changed... for the better.



The story of Larry Rowe and The Salvation Army


Come make a difference for the city of San Francisco. We have regular seasonal volunteer events at the Harbor Light Center, and on-going programs such as our Homeless and Veteran Outreach. The San Francisco Harbor Light Center has opportunities for both individuals and groups. Our Outreach preparation and deivery make for a great corporate team building event. Contact us for more information.

Homeless Outreach Project

Our Homeless Outreach Team takes to the streets three nights a week to deliver food, socks, hygiene kits, and other donated goods to the people of San Francisco living on the streets. This is a program of compassionate giving and relationship building; through the trust we build with those we meet, we have the means to offer and provide access to services that may help persons end their time on the street.

Outreach Preperation

Teams from companies or community groups can come to the Harbor Light Center for a half- day team building experience as they help us prepare for a night of Outreach. Teams will learn about the Outreach Project and then participate in sandwich preparation. We deliver approximately 1200 sandwiches every week and we do this by the generous donation of time and resources from the community.

Evening Homeless Outreach

Individuals and small teams can come participate in our Homeless Outreach on Wednesday and Friday nights. Teams go out with seasoned Outreach Leaders to neighborhoods such as the Tenderloin, 6th Street, South of Market, and the Haight to deliver sandwiches, socks, hygiene kits, and more. This is an immensely rewarding and eye opening experience for people ages 13 and over. Groups of 5 or more will need to come help make sandwiches prior to going out so that we have enough for everyone to distribute. We strongly encourage bringing donations of clean socks as they are the most needed item by individuals living outdoors; the bringer of socks is the most popular person in town on our Street Outreach nights. Come join us for a night you will remember for a lifetime.

Child Care

Harbor House Child Care is a State licensed, state of the art child care facility located on-site at the Harbor Light Center. Our Child Care program serves the children of our Harbor House Program and the surrounding community; children range from infants through pre-school. If you have time during the day and can either commit to a regular volunteer schedule, or be one of our on-call child care volunteers, we need you. Please note that for the protection of our children, background checks, provided by us, will be made on all prospective volunteers. Call or write us for more information on this rewarding opportunity.

Skilled Labor and Materials

Our Center has a wide assortment of repair and improvement project opportunities for the right person with building and facility improvement skills. We are always looking for companies and individuals willing to lend their resources and skilled labor to helping us keep our Center a beautiful and functional home for the people who come here to change their lives. If you would like to donate either or both time and materials, please contact us. Your efforts will make a lasting difference in the lives of a great many people.

Upcoming Special Events

Event Date Times
Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Kettle Worker/Bell Ringer Christmas Holiday Delivery
November 27th, 2014 November 22nd through December 24th December 25th
Morning 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM Day and Evening Shifts Morning (TBD)

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Jaime Smith
Phone Number
(415) 503-2720